A 2,000 years step back in history: eTEACHER gathers at the Roman city of Merida.

The 3rd progress meeting took place on the 27th and 28th of November among the Roman ruins of the city of Merida, in Extremadura.

At the end of November, the project partners gathered at the capital city of Extremadura region for their 3rd project meeting to look back at the goals achieved during its first year and to plan its activities for the next months. The moment is crucial for us since the second year opens the doors to the demonstration phase in the pilot buildings and to the design and implementation of the eTEACHER app.

While the first year was dedicated mainly on analysing energy end-users behaviour, engagement activities and definition of technical requirements for the control systems to be installed in the buildings, the succeeding steps will focus on the real application and implementation of the info collected. The information collected through the workshops will serve as basis for the consortium to build the automation and control system in the pilot buildings and to design the future eTEACHER application. The app is expected to be one of the main results of eTEACHER as it will turn bad energy habits into energy savings and make users more aware of their energy behaviour, therefore, improve their energy efficiency. These two activities were the focal points of the last meeting’s discussion and will be the main outcome of the next months.

The project also values exploitation activities. In fact, one of eTEACHER’s key activities is to explain to relevant stakeholders on how we expect to apply our project results and give the main advantages of the new solutions we expect to emerge. Partners were very engaged in a business model workshop held by our partner Steinbeis. We had a very fruitful outcome as we defined the main technological elements, market opportunities and challenges prior to developing the project’s prototypes, services and products.

We’ll face a very intensive phase in the next months and will do our best to get the most from our efforts. Lots of news and interesting results will be soon available, so don’t miss our next newsletter and follow our Twitter and LinkedIn pages to stay up to date.

Beyond the work, partners also had the chance to discover the amazing city of Merida, a real pearl in the region of Exremadura thanks to its millennial Roman history that merges Arabian influences as well. A place to be if you plan a trip around Spain!

16 Dec 2018

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