The eTEACHER’s project approach is demonstrated in schools, office buildings, healthcare centres and residential buildings located in Spain, UK and Romania. The total number of building users summing up all the pilot buildings is 5204 people. According to the different types of people involved in the pilots, the project will use several methods to achieve a change in energy behaviour.




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eTEACHER takes place in three different kind of schools (Nursery, State Secondary and Academy Secondary) in Spain and UK. Students, teachers and facility managers will be involved in trainings and games in order to raise their interest in energy sector and change their energy behaviour.

Healthcare centres

Two of the eTEACHER pilots are Spanish healthcare centres . Almost 1500 users, including patients, doctors and facility managers will take part in the project to learn more about energy saving and how they can contribute.

Office buildings

Two office buildings located in Spain and UK will be subject to the eTEACHER interventions. Activities will address employees, employers and facility managers who will be asked to attend trainings and workshops and use smart devices to learn more about energy saving.

Residential buildings

Residential buildings play a crucial role in the eTEACHER project because they gather lots of different kind of energy users. For that, the eTEACHER project will tailor appropriate methods and strategies to reach these energy end-users and change their energy attitudes.

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