eTEACHER Newsletter 3

Welcome to the third edition of the eTEACHER project newsletter!!

I am glad to announce that we are reaching the final stage of developing our ICT empower tools.  At this stage, an intensive collaboration within the consortium is key to guarantee the successful integration between the technical requirements of the tools and the requirements of the project’s pilot buildings.

Another milestone, we are happy to announce, is that we have successfully started collecting data on energy consumption and indoor environmental conditions within our pilot buildings. This is a vital accomplishment for the project as this data is not only the input data for our tools but it  will also be used to evaluate the success of eTEACHER in terms of behavioural change and energy efficiency during the demonstration phase of the project. This data collection will now be ongoing until the end of the project, so we will collect a wealth of information during this period.

During the last few months, we have participated in a number of events including conferences and webinars, a meeting with our External Advisory Board, workshops with our pilot building users (called Feedback Forums) and we also had our 1st Review Meeting in Brussels with our EU Project Advisor and our Project Reviewers. We have received positive feedback in all of these events which we are actively taking into account in order to enrich our developments.

Specifically, during the first quarter of this year, we held our first round of Feedback Forums focused on our Indoor Environmental Quality tool, Pulse. Feedback Forums are being used regularly throughout the project as a means to collect feedback from the users of our buildings’ pilots. This not only allows us to collect vital information from a building user perspective on our ideas and concepts but it also ensures that building users are aware of the developments of the project and keep engaged throughout our development phase. This should maximise their future acceptance of the eTEACHER suite of tools.

In May, we had our first external advisory board meeting in Málaga where we presented our tools and users´ engagement approach. The objective was to collect the feedback from our external experts. They liked our project and evaluated it as being on a good track. They provided interesting hints and tips, which we will consider, especially in relation to future exploitation.

Finally, in June we had our 1st EU review meeting in Brussels, where we presented the progress of the project during the first 18 months. During the meeting, the reviewers recognized the great potential of our project and congratulated us for the relatively high number of pilots (12) and the degree of monitoring we have achieved. They also provided a deep and thorough evaluation of our project progress and imparted useful suggestions to maximize our success.

In this issue, we want you to learn more about our empower tools. You will find explanations about two of them: our What-If Analysis and our Energy Efficiency Advisor App. In addition, in the pilot´s corner, we describe our Spanish pilots, which include 6 buildings of different types and uses. Of course, you can read about our latest news and next events. Finally, do not forget do download the eTEACHER project brochure!

I hope that you enjoy reading our newsletter. You can also download the pdf version!
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Dr. Noemi Jiménez-Redondo
eTEACHER Project Coordinator

4 Jul 2019

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