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Dear reader,

The past months have been difficult and challenging and I hope that you and your beloved ones stay healthy! Despite the difficulties experienced, we didn’t stay idle, of course! Over the last months we focused on finalizing, monitoring and testing our tools in the 12 pilots’ buildings. 

We’re happy to announce that the eTEACHER app is up and running, and it’s been testing by the wide variety of project users in the demo sites, including teachers, students, doctors, nurses, office staff, dwellers. I invite you to watch our video to learn how it works, it’s available in EnglishSpanish and Romanian.  

With the app running, we launched an engagement campaign to involve users in the testing phase of our energy app. 

We also had the chance to participate in the online edition of the Sustainable Places2020 conference. Together with three H2020 energy projects, we held a webinar to investigate how ICT change people’s attitude towards energy efficiency. Thanks to the joint work done for the conference, the four projects released a scientific publication to show the potential of behavioural change in saving energy, the methodologies, challenges and results achieved. 

Based on the findings and the work done in the 12 pilot buildings, two more publications were released by eTEACHER partners: one report aims to investigate the potential on comfort enhancement and energy saving through behavioural change of energy users in real European buildings; the second paper focuses on the role of ICT in behavioural sciences, to empower and engage European building users for energy efficiency.

Let me thank you once again for your interest in our project and invite you to follow our social networks and to take a closer look at the latest news from the world of eTEACHER. 

Enjoy your reading!

Dr. Gloria Calleja-Rodríguezo
eTEACHER coordinator

3 Feb 2021

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