How can ICT solutions contribute to the energy-behavioural change?

Last February 27th, the EU energy portal BUILD UP organised a webinar dedicated to ICT solutions to save energy. Five EU-funded projects had the occasion to show their results and their contribution to the current energy challenge.

Academic researches and studies on how to shape energy users’ behaviour are numerous. Over the last years, the active participation of energy consumers has become essential for the effective development of a wide range of smart energy technologies and to influence the energy demand policies. As such, the active consumer has become a focus of European Union energy policy in recent years.

“Energy-related ICT behaviour change is starting to appear more frequently at the forefront of policy agendas, and research funding calls as a prime focus for reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency across all energy-intensive sectors. Research shows that improving and widening user engagement has the potential to foster greater acceptance and impact” as reported in the paper “ICT for sustainability” (R. Bull, A. Morton, A. Reeves, S. Preston).

The high interest to investigate energy users’ behaviour and the factors that affect users’ change, is a common thread of the five EU-funded projects MOBISTYLE, FEEDBACK, UtilitEE, inBETWEEN and eTEACHER. The projects are coming to their end and are now collecting their results. To make these findings available to the energy community, the EU-energy platform BUILD-UP set up a webinar titled “5 European projects with its innovative ICT solutions for energy savings in the spotlight”.
As the title says, the webinar is intended to provide an overview of the achievements get by the five projects, and the solutions developed so far.

The webinar is a concise and effective way to learn more about the last results in energy-efficiency in Europe and to get in touch with the projects. The recording is available on the BUILD-UP YouTube channel: here, you can find all the presentations of the five projects and the contacts to reach each coordinator.

For more insights, visit the projects’ website and their social networks. Together we can shape the future of energy.

5 Feb 2020

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