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Its Purpose is to reach out all those interested in changing buildings’ occupants’ energy behavior to join efforts for more energy efficient cities.

eTEACHER is an H2020 EU co-funded project in the field of energy efficiency (EE) aimed at empowering building energy end-users to achieve energy savings and improve health conditions through enabling behavioural change. It started in October 2017 and will run for three years. The expected output is an ICT solution connected to the building energy system and oriented towards a wide variety of building users profile. The tool will develop a suite of engagement methods to achieve a real energy behavioural change.

This is the challenge of this project! Building users are not usually aware of their energy consumption and the possibilities to save energy. Even when they are, their behaviour is not always aligned to efficiency approaches. Besides, if we consider the wide variety of building types and users, delivering significant energy reduction strategies becomes a complex problem that have to be addressed from the holistic sociological and technical point of view. This is precisely eTEACHER aim!

In this first issue, we would like to invite you to follow us and be aware of our dissemination activities. Don’t forget to check out our website and use the social media to inform your network about our interesting news!.

Dr. Noemi Jiménez-Redondo

eTEACHER Project Coordinator

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31 Jul 2018

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