Focus on Extremadura: analysis of users’ energy behaviour in six buildings

A nursery, a State Secondary School, two health care centres, an office and a residential building. These are the six facilities in Extremadura that are going to be monitored by the European project eTEACHER, in order to reduce energy consumption through more conscious energy behaviour of energy end-users. Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX) is the project partner responsible for this assessment in Extremadura.

Twelve buildings in the United Kingdom, Romania and Spain in three countries with different climatic conditions are going to be monitored to empower building end-users to achieve energy savings and improve comfort for the sake of health and wellbeing.
Half of this buildings are located in Extremadura, where AGENEX is the project partner in charge of developing the monitoring and assessment tasks.

The State Secondary School Torrente Ballester and the Nursery School Arco Iris, both in Miajadas (Cáceres) are the two educational centres analysed. The Health Care centres of Villafranca de los Barros and Guareña, plus the OAR office building and a residential building in Badajoz city are also part of the project, which has been taking measurements since March 2019.

The following actions of the project are focused on developing an app that will advise final users how to improve their energy behaviour. This app will be implemented from October 2019.

Visit our pilots’ section to learn more on the project’s pilots.

3 Jul 2019

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