The Energy Agency of Extremadura (AGENEX) is a public entity, set up by regional and local entities of governmental and training nature, created in 2001 in order to promote the energy source diversification and the energy efficiency in Extremadura.

Main mission is to support local and regional policy makers in the definition of strategies and directives allowing to achieve Regional, National and European targets in the field of energy. Agenex seeks to boost the implementation of green technologies (both Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency) in the day to day of citizens, by promoting RTD projects, funding sectorial initiatives, supporting project promoters, etc. One important mission of AGENEX is the awareness-raising of general public, customers, users and decision makers of the entire society, in all issues concerning energy change, sustainable energy, sustainable energy and climate change mitigation.

Agenex, is promoting different initiatives aimed at the improvement of regional and local policies in the area of energy. Regionally it has been involved in the Extremadura Energy Plan 2009-2012, PLAN 2000 (Green procurement and ESCo support) and in the Extremadura Energy Plan 2010-2020)



Francisco Márquez

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