A different way to teach energy saving at home, work and school

eTEACHER is the app that teaches a different way to save energy, in your everyday places. It’s designed and developed 100% on users’ feedback to provide all functionalities you want in one single app.

To pursue energy efficiency in buildings through changes in user behaviour, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are increasingly being used to provide information or ‘feedback’ to overcome what is known as energy invisibility. This is being done through display monitors, interactive dashboards, building energy management systems, and a range of web-based apps that attempt to make energy use visible to building users. Since October 2017, eTEACHER has employed user-involvement and empowerment to enhance the design of an ICT-based tool to promote energy conservation in buildings and develop a web-based app to improve users’ energy behaviour. The app is currently under test in eTEACHER’s demo sites. It’s designed and set 100% on users’ feedback and based on their energy behaviour. The eTEACHER app provides a number of features like tailored real-time recommendations, amount of CO2 saved, energy consumption levels, the energy mix used, the air quality and comfort conditions. Users can also compete and connect and provide their own comfort feedback. The eTEACHER app also has a sophisticated brain with several innovative empower tools responsible for collecting, managing and processing data. The last project video shows all the features and the brain of the app, which make this tool unique on its kind. The app will be soon available for testing online.

8 Jan 2021

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