eTEACHER aims to empower building end-users to achieve energy savings and improve comfort for the sake of health and wellbeing. The project will develop intervention strategies according to cultural and demographic indicators. The project takes place in 12 different demo sites located in three European countries with different climatic conditions.

eTEACHER is funded by  Horizon 2020 EU Innovation Action and involves 12 partner organizations active in 6 different European countries. The project started in October 2017 and lasts for three years.


Changes in users’ behaviour have significant potential to reduce energy consumption in buildings. These changes include those ones motivated by innovative technological interventions. However, in this case it is important that users are not only informed but also sufficiently consulted, trained and supported regarding the technological changes to avoid poor performance in practice. The design of this project, incorporating social studies, consultation and testing of innovations, responds to this challenge to enable efficient and effective deployment of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to encourage behavioural change.

eTEACHER tailored advice and behavioural change methods deployed through ICT solutions will reduce CO2 emissions and save up to 10% of energy consumption.

The project eTEACHER aims at developing an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) toolbox to motivate energy behavioural change of energy end-users in buildings, providing tailored interventions that result in significant energy savings and better productivity, health and comfort levels.


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