Deliverable: Energy Efficiency Advisor Smartphone

13 Sep 2021 - This deliverable is about the final prototype of Task 3.2 Energy Efficiency and Comfort Advisor Devices and partly the UI functionality of T3.4 Gamification Aspects and Energy Reduction Bonus System in WP3. The user friendly advisor is the result of all tasks in WP3, orchasterated by T3.2. T3.2 is mainly communicating with the prototype described in this deliverable. Both prototypes work closely together to share a joint code base. Task 3.1 focused on the creation of the advisor core elements. It is fully independent of the device and transfers core recommendations based on the WP1-2 outcomes. Based on this, task 3.2 created platform specific versions.

Deliverable: Data processing service for end-user engagement

13 Sep 2021 - This deliverable aims at describing the data processing service for the Comfort Opinion service, Metrix and Pulse services. The deliverable itself is the working software prototype. This report gives a theoretical view on end-user engagement theories that help us understand what data is relevant to be presented to the end-users and apply theories such as flow, aesthetics, play and information interaction. In addition, we investigated about theories on human machine interfaces (HMI) which basically represent the graphical user interfaces for the development of the tools.

Deliverable: Manual for configuration, installation and commissioning of eTEACHER (final release)

13 Sep 2021 - The purpose of this deliverable is to accompany the prototype of WP2 and WP3. It is described, how it can be used and what the eTEACHER project is doing, to increase the success of the testing phase. Further, an installation Guide is provided for the installation and configuration of the complete eTEACHER system. This document is an increment of D4.4 and provides all information to successfully implement and use the software.

Deliverable: Evaluation of eTEACHER results. First release

13 Sep 2021 - The report explains a preliminary evaluation of the project results in terms of behavioural change towards energy efficiency, energy savings and enhancement of indoor environmental quality. For that purpose, the analysis of the buildings and their users after receiving eTEACHER tools is compared with the analysis of the buildings and their users before eTEACHER. The analysis is based on monitoring data and users feedback collected by means of surveys or interviews.

Deliverable: Manual for configuration, installation and commissioning of eTEACHER (first release)

13 Sep 2021 - The purpose of this deliverable is to accompany the prototype of WP2 and WP3. It is described, how it can be used and what the eTEACHER project is doing, to increase the success of the testing phase. There will be an updated deliverable, where the documents gets adapted based on feedback about using the app and updates. Further, the deployment will be described in the second release, which is important for the exploitation.

Deliverable: Mentoring meetings

13 Sep 2021 - This report presents a summary of the support and mentoring meetings carried out, but also acts as a reference document by including all supporting materials produced by DMU in Appendices. These documents focus on the facilitation of Feedback Forums within the eTEACHER pilot buildings as a means to continue building user engagement throughout the development phase of the project but to also act as vital feedback mechanisms from actual building users, and ultimately the eTEACHER tool users, to aid the development and implementation phase of the project. The report therefore consists of a section summarising the application of the “Enabling Change” framework for eTEACHER, a section detailing all mentoring activities taken place over the past year relating to applying the “Enabling Change” framework and a detailed Appendices which contains all relevant documents and materials related to the mentoring activities described

Deliverable: BACS add-on services container and Universal BACS Communication Interface

1 Sep 2021 - To enable the users, an ICT solution is utilised, the called BACS add-ons. These BACS add-ons are designed to work with existing BACS through a universal communication interface. This deliverable describes the integration of BACS add-ons through a universal communication interface and a common database that is used to store and manage the collected building data.

Deliverable: Flyers

31 Aug 2021 - The present document is the update of D6.4. It provides information on all the graphic materials produced by ICE during the eTEACHER project.

Deliverable: Evaluation Methodology and preliminary pilots descriptions

31 Aug 2021 - The content of D4.1 are the results of tasks T4.1 Evaluation Methodology and T4.2 Initial monitoring and data collection before eTEACHER. Pilots characterization to date. This report is structured in 5 sections. First section is the introduction and explains the objective of the report within eTEACHER context and its content. Second section describes the pilot buildings including general information, envelope, energy related systems (HVAC, lighting, BACS), main appliances, energy related use and behaviour. Third section is focused on target behaviours. It explains theory of change and summarises energy-related behaviours identify in the pilot buildings as well as engagement behaviours linked to building energy users. Section 4 addresses the evaluation methodology based on monitoring, eTEACHER app and feedback forum & surveys. It defines what, how and when eTEACHER will be demonstrated. It also specifies the monitoring plan in every pilot building. The last section summarises the conclusions of the report.

Deliverable: Energy Efficiency Advisor Smartphone

31 Aug 2021 - The purpose of this deliverable is to accompany the prototype implementation of T3.5. As such, its main purpose is to briefly clarify the scope of the prototype and to show the download, installation instructions and the use of the API of the software.

ICT for sustainability: reflecting on the role of ICT to enhance communication and empowerment of building users

1 Jul 2021 - ICT solutions within a Smart City environment are often hailed as the low carbon, efficient and low-cost solution-but is this sufficient? Download the paper

Exploitation factsheet

28 Jun 2021 - The factsheet presents the Key Exploitable Results of eTEACHER and tells you more about each specific result achieved. Download it now!

eTEACHER App: Quick Start Guide

6 May 2021 - Download the eTEACHER quick start guide to learn how our mobile and web-based app works.

Potential on Comfort Enhancement and Energy Saving through Behavioral Change of Energy Users

30 Apr 2021 - The study monitors 10 real European buildings to identify comfort enhancement potential and energy-saving potential based on changing the behaviour of building users. The results show that the office building could have saved up to EUR 2500 in energy during the study period while the healthcare centres could have saved more than EUR 1000. The highest energy saving potential is related to the use of the Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system. It has also been found out that there is a potential to improve comfort conditions in all the pilot buildings. The highest potential for comfort is identified in the improvement of the luminance conditions.

Behavioral Change towards Energy Efficiency by Utilizing ICT Tools

30 Apr 2021 - Paper about ICT solutions developed by four EU projects, to achieve energy behaviour change through triggering mechanisms, informative feedback, gamification, and automation services within a human-centric and context-aware framework. The paper provides each project’s methodology to enhance end-user engagement of their respective approach, methodology to assess the expected results, technical and legal challenges, and the preliminary results of their ICT solutions, which have also been presented at Sustainable Places 2020 conference.

Empowering and Engaging European building users for energy efficiency

30 Apr 2021 - This paper presents findings from the eTEACHER project which aims to empower building energy end-users to reduce energy consumption through a set of related ICT-based interventions. These interventions, including a web-based app and building-specific ‘what-if’ analysis have been developed by drawing upon feedback from pilot users in 12 buildings, including both residential and non-domestic, across three EU countries. A structured evidence-based approach to user engagement was followed, which included site visits, a series of building user workshops and a questionnaire.

Deliverable: Project flyer

22 Jul 2019 - The present document provides information on the first release of the project flyer designed for eTEACHER. Furthermore, it includes information regarding the postcard designed as first dissemination material on the occasion of a European conference and on the posters designed to support the end-user’s workshops..

Deliverable: Project website

22 Jul 2019 - The eTEACHER website (which can be accessed through the URL was completed and made operational at the end of January 2017. It contains all institutional information about the project and is intended to be used as the entry point to the eTEACHER project for both the scientific and professional communities and other stakeholders’ categories, including end-users and the general public.

Deliverable: Dissemination and Communication Plan

22 Jul 2019 - This document describes the dissemination and communication strategy that will be implemented throughout the project duration. It contains the main objectives, targets, tools and channels as well as the operative guidelines, which will govern the overall dissemination and communication activities of the project. Besides this, it also contains the overall project visual identity guidelines and the key messages underlying the overall communication about eTEACHER.

Deliverable: Requirements for BACS add-on services

22 Jul 2019 - This report aims at defining the functional and technical requirements for the BACS (building automation and control systems) add-on services that eTEACHER encompasses. BACS add-ons are hardware (devices) and software solutions that extend the functionalities of the existing BACS or BEMS (building energy management systems) in order to empower building occupants to achieve better energy efficiency and comfort levels.

Deliverable: Specifications for eTEACHER “Enabling Change” framework

22 Jul 2019 - Enabling Changeis an evidence-based approach for developing and delivering behaviour change interventions that was put forward by Les Robinson in the book Changeology (Robinson, 2011) and via articles on the Enabling Change website (Robinson, 2018). It advocates a participatory approach to projectdevelopment, at both whole-programme level and with relation to specific interventions.

Deliverable: ICT-based engagement for energy efficiency in buildings

22 Jul 2019 - This report aims at consolidating current knowledge on how ICT-based engagement activity can support energy efficient behaviour in buildings. It requiresthe facilitation of two workshops to develop knowledge across the project teamand with selected building users.

Deliverable: Analysis of end-use behaviour in relation to case study buildings

22 Jul 2019 - This report aims at identifying the key behavioural factors influencing energy use for each eTEACHER case study buildings. To achieve this, the data collection comprised key building design features and energy system control interfaces and information on the building users themselves. Building user data collection sought to identify users’ energy-related needs and whether these are being met; control processes and interfaces and how these are understood and used in practice; and users’ motivations for change and ideas for improvements within each building.

Deliverable: Key concept summary

22 Jul 2019 - This short report provides an overview of key concepts related to behaviour change initiatives to save energy in buildings. It draws upon the teaching and research experience of the authors, along with initial findings from a review of literature which commenced in October 2017.

eTEACHER Project Brochure

3 Jul 2019 - eTEACHER brochure. How will eTEACHER change energy users baheviour? Which tools will be used and developed? What's the eTEACHER app? Download the brochure and leran more about the project and how to contribute!

English posters

3 Jul 2018 -

Spanish posters

3 Jul 2018 -

Romanian posters

3 Jul 2018 -

eTEACHER postcard

13 Mar 2018 - eTEACHER aims at developing an ICT toolbox to motivate energy behavioural change of energy end-users in buildings. Want to find out more? Download our new postcard!

eTEACHER roll-up

13 Mar 2018 - Find out more about the concept of the project, the ICT solutions and the pilots where the solutions will be implemented

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