Behavioral Change towards Energy Efficiency by Utilizing ICT Tools

Due to end-users’ habit being one of the prominent factors influencing building performance, changing user behaviour to encourage energy-efficient habits has tremendous potential to facilitate energy savings. Four ongoing European projects, eTEACHER, FEEdBACk, InBetween, and UtilitEE, developed ICT solutions achieve this change through triggering mechanisms, informative feedback, gamification, and automation services within a human-centric and context aware framework. This paper provides each project’s methodology to enhance end-user engagement of their respective approach, methodology to assess the expected results, technical and legal challenges, and the preliminary results of their ICT solutions, which have also been presented at Sustainable Places 2020 conference.

Authors and citation:

Hoffrichter, A.; Zacharis, E.; Katsifaraki, A.; Morton, A.; Calleja, G.; Fuligni, F.; Batic, M.; Dorokhova, M.; Castelli, N.; Kanellos, K.; Nguyen, T. Behavioral Change towards EE by Utilizing ICT Tools. Proceedings 2020, 65, 10.

27 Jan 2021

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