LAURA OTERO GROUP, is constituted by LAURA OTERO, S.A., ENERGIA DE MIAJADAS, S.A., MIAJADAS TELECOM, S.L.U. y LAURA OTERO INSTALACIONES, S.L.U., though also has collaboration from others electric city companies.

Laura Otero Group focuses his activity in electricity energy sector: distribution, trading and electrical installation. In electricity energy distribution Laura Otero Group offers his services to several municipalities, such as Miajadas, Zorita, La Cumbre, Escurial, Campo Lugar and Abertura.

The start in these fields back to the beginning of this century, having gone through many ups and downs own of the changes occurred in the last 100 years, the next centenary will be held as electricity distributors in Miajadas town in 2018.

Currently, LOG is completely consolidate, and offers to his clients a high quality service, improving the infrastructure each year, such as two new power substations 45/22 KV and 132/45 KV shared with IBERDROLA, S.A. company, which is environmentally respectful, using the latest technologies in its construction. LOG has also introduced a comprehensive monitoring system of all the transformation sites and medium voltage networks, which will be the first comprehensive one in all Extremadura to detect any incidents and to act immediately, with the target that the inconvenience occurring to customers will be slightest.

Power electric supply customers in the area are more than 10.000, with a peak power of 17 MW.

Regarding electrical installations activity, LAURA OTERO S.A., has managed to find a niche in the challenging and competitive world it is the activity of electrical installations, working for prestigious companies like NESTLE, GALLINA BLANCA STAR, BURGER KING, etc.

MIAJADAS TELECOM company has among his assets a optical fiber network of more than 80 KM in Miajadas town, being developed currently spreading to other locations where it distributes electric energy, also develops new components for remote control switches and energy control.

With regard to the generation, the company has 6 photovoltaic plants on roof of 20 KW each, perfectly integrated into the BT network.

Also, they are connected to the electric system of Miajadas Energy a biomass plant of 16 MW, a hydroelectric plant of 3,7 MW and furthermore of those own from LAURA OTERO, others 20 photovoltaic plants with a total of 685 KW.



Angel Fernández Mogollón

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