Steinbeis Innovation GmbH (SIG) is a not for profit research organisation within the Steinbeis Foundation for Technology Transfer. Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ) is an enterprising unit within the SIG, operating since 1990 as a not-for profit unit supporting innovation of SMEs, cross-border technology transfer, building innovation capacities in SME, and supporting SME´s participation in EU research projects.

Some key sectors in which SEZ are active is Smart Cities, Sustainable Construction, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, as well as energy and environmental technologies in general. Within these sectors SEZ has a wide portfolio of EU-projects to which it has contributed its expertise in exploitation, dissemination and communication. In several current EU-projects SEZ is WP-leader for exploitation and market deployment actions, e.g. FP7-EeB-projects (R2Cities, BRICKER), FP7/H2020-SCC1 projects (CITyFiED, REMOURBAN, SmartEnCity) as well as WP-leader for communication and dissemination actions in H2020-SCC1 projects (TRIANGULUM, SmartEnCity). From 2011 to 2014, SEZ was the main contractor for “CONCERTO Premium”, a service provided in the form of a tender to the EC’s DG Energy. Within CONCERTO Premium, the results of all 58 CONCERTO demonstration sites in EU regarding their energy savings, CO2 emissions etc., were collected and the results monitored, evaluated, and presented in an online database. SEZ is member of the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) and member of several Enterprise Europe Network specific “Sector Groups”, e.g. Sustainable Construction, Mobility / Transport, ICT, Materials, Micro and nanotechnologies and Intelligent Energies.

SEZ is a non-profit research organisation supporting innovation of SMEs, transnational technology transfer and building innovation capacities in SMEs. SEZ will bring together its long-lasting experience in driving innovation processes in SMEs with dissemination /exploitation activities. The mix of activities will further expand SEZs expertise in those fields.

SEZ has been project partner for dissemination, exploitation and management in many FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects (more than 50 projects).

Since 2008 SEZ is a member of the regional European Enterprise Network (EEN) consortia, belonging to the worldwide known EEN network helping SMEs in the technology transfer issues (exploitation, IPR management, business and technology partnerships).



Sandrine Doretto

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