ICPE was established in 1950, from a real necessity of that time “country electrification”, and has become during its 67 years of continuous action, a world-wide actor and a global economy brand. Today, ICPE is a SME, covering a wide range of innovative concepts, in the field of electrical engineering.

The main thematic domains are: special electrical machines; servo-control; renewable energy, energy efficiency, electric apparatus with vacuum commutation; special electrical cables with teflon insulation; electric vehicles; industrial automation components; electro-technologies; product testing.

ICPE’s Research department called “Institutul de Cercetari Electrotehnice”, has been deeply involved as coordinator or partner in national and international projects aiming to promote knowledge and technologies in the field of electrical engineering together with a sustainable development.

Website: http://www.icpe.ro/


Paula Anghelita

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